Meet the faces that make up our Scout family. This dynamic crew is customer-service oriented first and foremost. From greeting customers with a smile to helping you pick out your tea float flavor or the best gift for your loved ones, we wouldn’t be what we are without the help of each and every one of our team members! They can even help you make interior design decisions that will make your house feel more like a home. We can’t wait to welcome you in!

Anne - Market Owner
Ann opened Scout's doors in 2014 after moving across the country to Beaufort from San Francisco! Drawn into southern life, she's been dubbed a "southern enthusiast" and quickly found herself at home both in the lowcountry and on Bay Street.

Caroline – Store Manager
Originally from Marietta, GA, Caroline and her husband were married on Spring Island and used to live in Charleston. She then lived in New York City, Nashville, and Chattanooga before moving back to the lowcountry. She loves going on adventures, boating to the sandbar, seeing live music, going to the movies, and playing with flowers. She used her love for interior design and flowers in her career as a floral designer for 10+ years. Caroline’s favorite sweet tea float flavors are lemon and passion fruit, and her favorite restaurant in Beaufort is Old Bull Tavern.

The nom de plume of an American author who’s lived in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. San Francisco was her primary residence for many decades, and now she resides in Beaufort and works as a sales associate at Scout. Her favorite item in Scout Southern Market is The Point candle. Her favorite place to eat downtown is Lowcountry Produce.

Gwen – Office Assistant
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gwen went to college on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii and ended up marrying a Marine after she graduated. His re-enlistment brought both of them here, the hidden jewel of Marine Corps bases. She loves true crime, reality TV, and reading anything she can get her hands on. Her favorite sweet tea float flavors are one scoop lemon and one scoop raspberry. Her favorite places to eat in Beaufort are Lowcountry Produce and Plums. Gwen is currently in grad school studying Marriage and Family Therapy.
Ann’s daughter, Emma moved here from the Bay Area with her family when she was 13. She works at Scout Southern Market as a sales associate. She loves cooking, painting, and just being on the water. Her favorite tea float flavors are mint mojito, passion fruit, mango, and peach. Emma is also currently studying criminal psychology!
Born and raised in Beaufort, Sophia has worked at the Scout tea bar for a little over a year now. She loves to read, skateboard, and play lacrosse. Her favorite tea float flavor is mango, and her favorite gift item Scout sells is any sort of ginger jar or dish. Sophia’s favorite place to eat in Beaufort is Plums. They have the tastiest sandwiches and it’s a great place to go out with friends when you’re looking for something more casual. Although all the restaurants are delicious in Beaufort, nothing beats a sweet tea float!
Hunter has lived in Beaufort since she was 2 and can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. At Scout, you can usually find her at the tea bar. She loves hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach, pool, or boating! Her favorite tea float flavor is strawberry, and her favorite gift item is Scout’s jewelry. She gifts it to anyone she can! Her favorite restaurant downtown is Saltus. Hunter has been working at Scout for about 2 years and loves it. From meeting new people everyday to seeing locals from around Beaufort, she couldn’t ask for a better job!
Born and raised in Beaufort, Anna-Kate serves customers at the tea bar. Her hobbies are roller skating, singing, and painting. Her favorite sweet tea float flavor is mango sorbet, and her favorite gift item is the jewelry, particularly the colorful rings. Her favorite places to eat in Beaufort are Fishcamp and Plums. Anna-Kate loves running obstacle course races and riding dirt bikes, and her dad also plays guitar locally for a living.